Mediation: A Better Way to Divorce

The decision to divorce can be difficult.
But the process does not have to be.

Barker Divorce Mediation specializes in helping couples achieve “good divorces.” With over 30 years of experience, we will help pave the way for you and your family to move forward in a caring, fair and amicable manner, without unnecessary drama.  We know every couple and every family is unique, and offer several levels of service to meet your needs and budget:

  • BASIC – You both pretty much agree on things.  You want an attorney to review everything, make sure nothing important has been omitted, write the final agreement, and take care of Court filings. 
  • STANDARD – You and your spouse communicate fairly well but seek guidance in resolving one or more areas of disagreement, regarding property division, spousal support or child custody, and arriving at equitable solutions.
  • COMPLEX – You want to mediate but find it hard to discuss these issues and/or need help with complex financial issues, communication, emotional issues and/or other special needs.  In these cases, we use a team approach in which two mediators work together, one an attorney and one a financial planner or therapist. We bring in other professionals as needed, such as child specialists, vocational experts, appraisers and others.

This website is devoted to answering questions likely to be on your mind if you’re considering divorce mediation: