What is Conflict Transformation?

Conflict TransformationTM
Divorce is a major life event that can be extremely difficult. For many, there is an overwhelming sense of loss, as well as anger, guilt, fear, resentment and grief.  It can be hard to imagine how such an experience can yield a healing and positive result.  Yet, there is a way to transform the bitterness of divorce, and use the divorce as an opportunity for a new beginning.  It is called Conflict TransformationTM, or “CT.”

CT was developed by Eileen Barker, an expert on conflict and divorce – a divorce mediator – who observed that no matter how carefully a divorce was handled, parties were often left with emotional “loose ends” that continued to exert a profound — and usually very negative — influence  in their lives and relationships long after the divorce. Drawing on her extensive experience with law, conflict resolution, and forgiveness, she created CT to address this.

CT is the greatest gift you can give yourself.
CT is a structured process that is very powerful, very healing, and very effective for couples who are contemplating, or going through, a divorce.  CT enables each person to use the challenges and emotions they are facing as a doorway for healing and growth.   CT offers a fundamental change in how each person sees himself or herself, and the other person, and enables each person to move forward in life from a place of wholeness.   CT is truly is the greatest gift you can give yourself.

How do I start CT?
CT is available exclusively to clients of Barker Divorce Mediation. For mediation clients, generally both partners must agree to participate in CT to avoid unfairness.

Working with Eileen was helpful far beyond the legal issues.
Karen C.