Selecting a Mediator

Because there are no formal requirements for becoming a mediator, there are almost as many approaches to mediation as there are people doing it.  When choosing a divorce mediator, there are several important things to look for:

1.    Does the person have a track record of success in divorce mediation?

2.    Does the person have legal education and experience? Can he/she take care of all the paperwork and legal filings for you, or will you still need to hire separate attorneys to do this?

3.    Is the person a leader and expert in divorce mediation?

4.    Does the person have experience with the specific issues involved YOUR situation – children and parenting, financial circumstances, employment issues, relocation, strong emotions, etc.?

5.    Will the person give you the time necessary to work out a fair and amicable agreement, and will the cost be reasonable?

6.    Will the person be able to help you lay the foundation for “life after divorce,” and really add value to the process?

7.    Does the person offer expertise with the tangible and intangible issues of divorce? Can you trust and respect the person, and will he/she be comfortable (for both of you) as you go through the divorce process?

Eileen Barker is a highly skilled attorney/mediator who excels in all of the above areas.  Over the past twenty years, she has successfully mediated hundreds of divorces, guiding couples to innovative divorce solutions.  Review Eileen Barker’s Bio to learn more about her experience and approach.


Eileen was fair-minded and insightful. She provided skillful guidance
and helped us stay on track during a sometimes difficult process.
Christopher M.