What Issues Will Be Addressed?

Tangible Issues
Mediation will cover all of the tangible, legal issues required to be addressed in a divorce, including:

  • Division of assets, including the family home and any other real estate, businesses, vehicles, retirement plans, investments, and furnishings/household items.
  • Division of debts, including any tax liabilities, credit card debt, home equity loans, personal loans or other debts.
  • Custody and parenting plans, including the best plans for children of different ages, dealing with special needs, and helping children through the transition of separation and divorce.
  • Child support, including calculation of the monthly amount and provision for medical insurance and expenses, and other child-related costs.
  • Spousal support, including the amount and duration of any support, and/or waivers.

Intangible Issues
Mediators who focus only on the tangible, legal aspects of divorce, often overlook the parties’ personal and intangible needs, which can be equally essential to ensure the well-being of the divorcing couple, as well as any children, step-children, and other family members.  Learn more about ways you can prepare for Life-After-Divorce.

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