What is Divorce Mediation?

Divorce mediation is a private, confidential process in which a couple works together with a professional mediator to resolve the issues necessary to legally separate or end their marriage.

The Mediator Acts as a Guide
The mediator provides a roadmap for the process and guides couples through the issues that must be addressed. She/he provides information to help the couple understand the legal, financial, parenting and other issues involved in their situation and the options available to them, so that they can make fully informed decisions. When necessary, she/he works with the parties to help them communicate effectively, and to explore alternative ways of resolving any disagreements.

The Parties Remain in Control
In the end, the parties decide what’s best for them, based on their history, values, needs and goals. This takes place in an informal setting which is confidential – and significantly less stressful than the adversarial, win-lose procedures involved in court-based proceedings. Once a full agreement has been reached, the mediator drafts a comprehensive and legally binding marital settlement agreement, and takes care of the necessary court filings.

Eileen supported and guided us both through the process step by step.
She is very professional and responsive.
James C